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5 Style Lessons We Learned from Victoria Beckham

I have always admired Victoria. She has never failed to surprise me (only positively), whether it was her glam daily outfit or a totally new fashion idea she just tried live and pulled off like no one else, she is a modern day fashion trend-setter. So I am telling you, if there is someone to take fashion advice from, it is definitely Victoria Beckham. Londoners and more than 10 million Instagram users, all those fashionistas out there are eagerly waiting for each and every collection of her, following and checking her updates and posted photos on her social media accounts on a daily basis. So my dear readers grab some paper and start taking notes, I am going to list 5 stylish moves and outfit types Victoria showed off on the streets of London or the red carpet.

A plain t-shirt and jeans never go out of style

Victoria has already proved this numerous times wearing this simple look on the way to grab a cup of coffee or do some grocery shopping. 

Bright colors look great! 

You might know her like the lover of black fashion pieces, but she has been photographed in bright dresses and blouses a whole lot of times. I don’t have to say, these looked super-trendy on her, too. She is the living proof that bright colors are not only for people in their twenties, so be braver next time you go clothes shopping and feel free to freshen up your wardrobe with some stylish eye-catching pieces. 

Rather be overdressed than underdressed

This one is an extremely important advice, especially for those who plan on visiting the rainy, cold London. Layer, layer, layer. Because you may never know when will it start to rain or get a little chilly out there. It is the best to always carry a cashmere cardigan with you or in your handbag when going out for lunch or shopping. 

Your handbag can shake up your entire outfit

The perfect statement bag will be the icing on the cake. Remember this when buying one, it is worth getting a designer piece as it will serve you for ages, maybe decades, so invest in yourself and your looks. 

Try matching your shoes with your shirt

This move is one of Victoria’s favorites, I have seen quite a lot of snaps and photos of her wearing the exact same color shoes as her blouse or jacket, while pulling off a totally different color skirt or pair of trousers. This look is absolutely chic and is definitely an all-time fashionable composition. 

I can only repeat myself, Victoria Beckham is one of my favorite, internationally recognized style icons, from who we can all learn something new about fashion each and every day.